Don Cornelius 1936-2012

While the death of Whitney Houston has received a lot of recent publicity here in Australia, the passing of “Soul Train” creator Don Cornelius received no coverage here. I only discovered about his suicide by accident.

Why would a 47 year white guy from Australia be interested in the death of an early 70’s African-American TV host?

Because it is only in the last few years that I have discovered the riches of early 70’s US soul, funk and R & B.

Unfortunately in the early 70’s soul, funk and R & B was ignored by the bland commercial radio stations of the time, plus the “classic hits” stations of the current era.

It is criminal that artists like the O’Jays, Curtis Mayfield and Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes are unknown here in Australia.

While Youtube has its critics, one of its assets are the musical nuggets that one finds. As Soul Train was never shown on Australian TV, to be able to see these artists after only hearing their recordings has been a relevation.

As a tribute, here are the O’Jays performing their 1972 smash hit “Backstabbers”


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