Mixed cassette tapes

I recently read an article about mixed cassette tapes, and it reminded me of the mixed cassette tape collection that I made back in the mid-80′s. It consisted of 45 rpm singles that I bought very cheaply at several second-hand record stores in downtown Sydney. There were approximately 7 or 8 tapes, and I called the collection “The Good, Bad & The Ugly”


Here is the first song on side 1 of cassette 1:

The Boys were a power-pop band from Western Australia who released half a dozen singles and two albums in the early 80’s, broke up and then reformed as Boyschool in 1988.  They had no major Top 40 hits under either name.


2 thoughts on “Mixed cassette tapes

  1. Hi Graham,

    I know all about Mix Tapes, I used to be a “recorder” of heaps of them, though from the late-90’s to early-2000’s. I still have a collection of them titled: “A – Z”, and “A1 – D4” that I took off 45RPM singles, other cassette tapes and CDs. Although my record collection consists these days of around 20 LPS, rare 45RPMs and a handful of Metal CDs, I DO have a Seventies and Eighties Cassette Tape collection of originally-released songs that featured on many now defunct music distributors from those eras. I’ll probably never get rid of them in the near future mainly because it it a reminder of what the Seventies and Eighties were all about. You know…nostalgia!

    “I love rock n’ roll,
    Put another dime in the jukebox, baby”.


  2. Shane,
    That is a great collection! I actually wanted to get my cassette mixed tapes transferred onto CD, but copying services said that it was a breach of copyright, I eventually got rid of them, not only because of the copying issue, but because I also didn’t own a cassette player. The tapes were starting to get a bit tired from constant playing, so you couldn’t really listen to them.

    Way before transferring 45 rpm records onto tapes, I rememember recording songs straight off the radio onto a cassette. It was time consuming, especially if you were waiting for that one song that you really wanted to record.

    I had a chap at my previous job create 8 mixed CDs which I still listen to. What I have found is that a lot of popular (and not so popular) songs are now available on Youube, so I have creeated a “Favourites” list of over 1,000 songs, which I watch and listen to from time to time on shuffle.

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