I recently registered with a discussion forum, and started going through the history of previous posts, in order to get an overall feel for discussions, and to see if there were any threads that I could contribute to.

I found one and posted my message. I was shocked to receive a reply a day or so later which suggested that I refrain from bumping old threads to the top of the list. I read the FAQ section of the board when I joined, and there was no rule specifically saying that I was not allowed to respond to an old thread. Also what constitutes an “old” thread? 1 month, 6 months, or a year?

No-one is forced to open up any old threads which I respond to – it seems that patience and tolerance is in short supply online.



2 thoughts on “Netiquette

  1. I’ve been in those type of discussion forums before. What you did was push HIS discussion farther down – so he sounded off on you. Don’t worry about it – you did nothing wrong and have every right to answer any discussion the moderator still has posted.

  2. Unfortunately most forums are moderated by volunteers who often have their own ideas about how a forum should be run. I’m not criticising as I am a mod on a small forum so I know it’s not as easy as it seems. The thing that bugs me is when the rules are enforced inconsistently. I know of a forum where friends of the staff can do anything but others can be banned for the smallest infraction.
    What constitutes an old thread would depend on the subject matter of a forum and thread. If the thread covers a subject that is no longer current then the thread is old even if it was started just a few days ago. Other thread subjects can remain current for a long time.
    Some forums are friendly and others don’t seem to welcome new members. There is no easy answer but if you aren’t made welcome look for an alternative, their loss not your’s.

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