Sports trivia

I have always been a bit of a sports nut. My main interest is in sports history, and sporting trivia. This is not those “Who won the 2009 AFL Grand Final” type questions. Those are straightforward and boring. I like sports trivia that is unique, unusual or strange.

Here are some examples of this trivia:

The 1959 German Grand Prix at the AVUS circuit in Berlin was the only Formula 1 World Championship race to be run over two heats, instead of one single race.

Stockport County player Norman Wood had a bad day playing against Fulham during their English 2nd Division football match on the 13th of October 1913. He scored an own goal, conceded a penalty from which Fulham scored, and then missed a penalty kick himself! Not surprisingly, Stockport lost 3-1.

During Super Bowl I in January 1967 between the NFL’s Green Bay Packers and the AFL’s Kansas City Chiefs, each team used their own leagues ball when playing on offence.

Due to player injuries, the Miami Heat of the NBA could only field a team of 7 players (instead of the usual 12) for their match against the Toronto Raptors at Toronto on the 19th of March 2008. The Heat were easily defeated 96-54, on their way to an awful 15-67 2007-08 season record.

The longest gap between games in the National Hockey League  is 17 years by goaltender Moe Roberts. ON the 10th of March 10, 1934, Moe replaced injured Roy Worters in the New York Americans’ net, in the course of a 5-1 victory over the New York Rangers. On the 25th of November 25, 1951, Roberts – then an assistant trainer with the Chicago Black Hawks – went back in goal during the third period for when regular goalkeeper Harry Lumley was injured. Although he didn’t yield a goal, the Hawks lost to the Detroit Red Wings, 5-2.

While playing his final round of the 1977 US Open at the Southern Hills Country Club at Tulsa, Hubert Green was told by police that they had received a phone call which threatened to assassinate Green when he played the 15th hole. Green ignored the threat and played on, and went on to win the tournament.

Jim Cullen only played 3 games of Australian Rules football in the Victorian Football League, but each of them was with a different team – Essendon and South Melbourne in 1899, and Carlton in 1904.

Sir Donald Bradman’s highest Test Match bating average during his career occurred after scoring 103* against England at Melbourne in December 1932 – 111.92. The lowest average after this period occurred after the 1934 Test at Manchester, with Bradman averaging 89.56.


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