Hawkesbury Hobby & Model Show

Hawkesbury Hobby & Model Show

I have always believed that it is important to be involved in the community through volunteering. Giving your time to help others is not only a direct help, but gives you a feeling of worth and satisfaction.

One of the ways that I give back to the community is through volunteering to help organise and run the Hawkesbury Model and Hobby Show. The Show was originally set up in 2008 as a fund-raising exercise for another community group that I was involved with. When that group folded, those of us who had been involved with the Show enjoyed it so much, that we decided to continue the show each year, with the majority of the proceeds going to a local charity. From small beginnings, the show has grown into not only the largest hobby show in western Sydney, but in the whole of the Sydney as well.

The show is held on the first weekend of July. Despite the winter date, we have been incredibly lucky with the weather. Although it is a bit chilly first thing in the morning when we arrive at the Hawkesbury Show, we warm up pretty quickly – there are so many things to do before, during and after the show!

My part in the show is to have a stand on my research into the Windsor RSL Speedway, plus to organise the car static displays on the weekend. Along with all members of the show, we also take turns on the admission gate, as well as helping exhibitors and visitors to the show with any queries.

One of the best features of the show is the friendships that the Show members have built up with exhibitors who have became regulars over the years. Their continued attendance tells us that we must be doing something right! It is also nice to receive compliments from the general public, as well as thanks from those people involved with the beneficiary that we support each year.

At the end of the show we are all pretty tired, but satisfied with what we have acheived. Then we take a deep breath, and start organising next year’s show!


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