Bob Kuban and the In-Men – “The Cheater” (1966)

Bob Kuban was born in St Louis, Missouri, and formed the band in 1964. Kuban was the drummer, with the lead vocals being performed by Walter Scott.  The group was an eight-piece with horns, somewhat of a throwback for the time, considering that the “British Invasion” of groups such as the Beatles and Rolling Stones led to a great influence on guitar-based pop/rock music.

The horns can be heard in the group’s biggest hit – “The Cheater”, which reached position #12 on the US Top 40 chart in 1966. ‘The song has something of a blue-eyed soul flavour with the vibrant horn arrangements and Scott’s almost black vocal approach.

The title was ironic based on what happened to Walter Scott after he left the In-Men in 1967. After performing solo, he was planning on rejoining the group in the mid 1980’s. This never happened, as he disappeared in December 1983.  In April 1987, his body, having been hog-tied and shot in the back, was found floating face-down in a cistern. Scott’s second wife, JoAnn (née Calcaterra), pled guilty to hindering the prosecution of his murder, and received a five-year sentence. Her lover, James H. Williams Sr., whom she married in 1986, was found guilty of two counts of murder involving the deaths of his previous wife, Sharon Williams, and of Walter Scott. On September 13, 2011, James Williams, then aged 72, died in prison from a heart condition while serving his life sentence for the murders.  As Walter Scott sang – “Look out for the cheater”.

UPDATE: The murder and disappearance of Walter Scott was featured on the US TV show “Forensic Files”, which gives more detail on this very sad case:


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