Chess – the odd and the bizarre #1

As well as playing my own games of chess, I enjoy playing through the games of other players from all era of chess history. As well as enjoying a brilliant tactical combination, or a game that has a long strategical plan, I also enjoy when a bizarre or unusual position appears on the board in the course of a game. Here are some of my favourite positions in games that I have come across.

Du Mont – Gosling, London 1943

The longest supported pawn chain in chess history, with the white chain running from the 2nd all the way up to the 7th rank.

Dodge – Houghteling, Chicago 1904

A symmetrical arrangement of the Black knights and bishops in the checkmating attack.

Lee v Shoosmith, London 1904

Black manages to get four connected pawns simultaneously on the 2nd rank.

Guijarro v Alonso, Elgiobar 2011

Six queens on the board at the same time.

Topalov v Kasparov, Amsterdam 1995

Kasparov wins without moving his Queen in 28 moves.

Sergienko v Vescovi, Moscow 2010

Amazing endgame with 9 pieces on the board, but no pawns.

Foldeak v Nagy, Budapest 1942

After only 13 moves, the White knights occupy the starting positions of the Black Queen and King.

Kovacs v Barth, Balatonbereby 1994

Amazing set of quadrupled White pawns.

Diemer v Cerff, 1983

Position after Black’s resignation – White has moved neither knight in 30 moves.

I am pretty certain there will be a 2nd instalment in the future!


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